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Sam Skatch Show Episode 28
May 29, 2015
The Sam Skatch Show “All out of Bubblegum”

This week on


We talk about LOL being able to ban bad apples within 15 minutes! Twitch says no to AO rated games, and Desura is having problems paying out to some devs, whats going on there?

Special Guest

We are joined by Aaron Ethridge and Troy Costisick to talk about the game Worlds of Magic. Aaron and Troy takes us through the games early problems and whats going on now. Plus a talk about Kickstarters and other industry chat. Listen in, it’s a good one!
You can follow Worlds of Magic on Twitter here:

You can read Troy’s article on Kickstarter here:

Kickstarter Update

We have hit out goal folks! Time to rock those stretch goals! Thank you so much to all of our backers for the support. We can not take live without your help! If you haven’t backed yet, take a look at our Kickstarter page and see what we are doing over there.

Remember all backers at 5$ and up get to add a song to our rotation. We need some more of these five dollar pledges! You don’t want Karl or Skatch picking all the music do you? Chip in now and help build this station from the ground up!

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3 thoughts on “Sam Skatch Ep28

  • Troy_Costisick

    Heya guys!

    Just listened to the whole podcast. Thanks for the kind words at the end. I’ve been missing you too. I would be very happy to be back on in the future to talk about anything gaming-related. Just give me a good heads up, and I’ll do my best to clear my schedule. It was good to hear all of your voiced again 🙂



    • Chaosforge


      To address a few things about the Worlds of Magic podcast with Aaron and Troy…I was very disappointed. I am one of the many non-Steam users who donated/supported (from when the game was titled Empire of Sorcery) and paid for a non-Steam product. I personally was promised (by Aaron) that it was one of Lucid Dreamers focus areas…but, nada, zero, nothing. It has been a great big goose egg on that account. The discussion of providing new/free content to gamers is great…but how about a game first. I have been gone for 3 months for work. I returned to an unfulfilled promise from the developers.

      I am not a Steam hater. I like it. But, I live and work in a world where I am in remote locations for weeks/months at a time. Steam still requires a heartbeat even in offline mode. I only purchase non-Steam games for this reason.

      Aaron, step up buddy. If you cannot follow through on your promise tell us why. IF this was only going to be a Steam game…you should have been honest from the beginning. If you cannot honor your promises just say so. The community might be a little upset but we would understand. This constant obfuscation is very disrespectful.

      Troy, you have seen this question asked on the Forum from well before release date. If you were going to ask some hard questions that benefit the community you should have asked the following questions, “Why is the game Steam only? When or can we expect a non-Steam (DRM free) version? What is the time table for release of the non-Steam version? Can those who have had Kickstarter promises unfulfilled get their money back?”
      You guys at Explorimate need to be a little more open to non-Steam gamers.

      Why is this an issue? I promoted this game and this developer. I can claim over a dozen (close to 2 dozen) supporters for this game based on direct interaction. Not one of the non-Steam folks have received their game (that was released on March 19, 2015.) Does free content mean anything to them at this point?