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Fat Guys with Beards Ep19

Give a listen to Fat Guys with Beards, a weekly geek pop culture chat talking about anything. Conversation like its straight from your local comic shop.


Trailer Talk

We take a look at the first trailer for “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” Listen in to hear what the Beards think now that we have seen the Batfleck!

We also chat about some of DC’s other offerings this time on TV. We have some Deadpool news and more from the X-Men camp. Then we go into what Marvel’s head had to say to Sony about Spider-man and of course we talk about the new Star Wars teaser and the fan celebration!

The Average Podcast Ep2


The Average Podcast

They may be Average, but this podcast is equally so. Average thoughts for the Average person. Geek, gaming, and more from an Average point of view!


Listen in this week for episode two of The Average Podcast. The gang ramble on about average things and share a few average anecdotes.

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Sam Skatch Ep 55


Sam Skatch Show Episode 55
December 20, 2015
The Sam Skatch Show “Jolly!”

This week on


This week we chat about Kojima joining up with Sony, The Just Cause 3 map is huge, and patent trolls!

Special Guest

Talking with us this week is Sanatana Mishra from Witchbeam developer of “Assault Android Cactus”. Come learn about Sanatana and how he got into games. Hear about Witchbeam and of course all about Assault Android Cactus


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Sam Skatch Ep14

Sam Skatch Show Episode 14
February 20, 2015
Let the Sam Skatch Show spin you right round baby right round!
A very special Skatchchat this week. We are joined by the Average Gamer 1/2 of Average Giants! Join us as we hash is out over the Order: 1886 and discuss cash vs game length. Then we discuss the Stomping Land and buyer beware! Finally…indie devs being bullied by the AAA guys? We talk it out about Fortress Fallout…

Special Guest
Ivano and Travis from Aero’s Quest! Join us as we learn about these two amazing indie developers. Listen in as they share some of the troubles facing a small indie team. Learn how they launched Aero’s Quest to a successful Green Light campaign!
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Sam Skatch Ep18

Sam Skatch Show Episode 18
March 20, 2015
The Sam Skatch Show “Now in color!”
On Skatchchat This week we talk some Final Fantasy 15 and would you to Mars? Plus something to get your blood..if your in Denmark!

Special Guest
Toon and Neils from Bunnycopter! Makers of the top down multiplayer shooter Broken Bots. Listen as we learn a bit more about these two, and of course all about Broken Bots!

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You can play Broken Bots now! Visit http://brokenbotsgame.com/

Plus WASD Kickstarter!!!

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Fat Guys with Beards Ep7

Time for another Fat Guys with Beards, a weekly geek pop culture chat talking about anything. Conversation like its straight from your local comic shop. Featuring Trailer Talk, this week Marvel give us trailer 2 for “Avengers: Age of Ultron”.

We take an extra hard look at “Age of Ultron”. Mark Hamill shares some excitement about being on the set of “The Force Awakens”. We also find out some faces might be missing from the newest “X-men” film. Plus is fox bringing back the “X-files”? Then we pick a film from Netflix to chat about. This week “Batman Forever”. Do the Fat Guys like it or hate it?