About Us

We are on online radio station for the gaming world.  Our goal is to inform as well as entertain our consumers.  Listen to us as you play (or develop) your favorite games!

WASDRadio.com is a work in progress. We invite all of you to come along for the ride. It will be bumpy. We won’t always know which way to turn, but we will learn , we will grow, and we will get better.

We will be starting by offering podcast content on a weekly basis. This will take the form of in-character story driven content, much like the radio dramas of old, but set in some of our favorite video games and films.

We are also reaching out to various professionals from within the game industry both current and past. We will get to know these people from a more personal standpoint. We will aim to give a voice to the people that make the games we play.

From there we have long term plans to be able to stream 24/7, not only that same great content, but add to it a rotation of music voted on by our community.

We at WASDRadio.com have lofty goals but believe we have a strong plan to bring you great content. If you like what you hear, and “we make you move” please tell your friends!

If you would like to help or get involved, please email us at contact@wasdradio.com We would love to hear from you. Suggestions are always welcome.

Station Manager
Brian Snyder aka Sam Skatch has been doing online radio for 2 years. He does both story content, as well as more journalistic pursuits interviewing the various people of gaming who have visited WASDRadio.com His favorite game genres favor anything open world, and sandboxy, though he loves a good story!

Director of Operations
Karl Savant is our resident crotchety old man. He met Skatch right about the time Sam was getting started, and the two have been joined at the hip ever since. Karl has a soft spot for indie developers, and if he believes in a project he will do anything to help it succeed. Favorite game genres include anything indie, most fantasy games, and co-op.

Sarah Van Heeswyk aka Rapha is an accomplished lore writer, and organizer extraordinaire. She helps to make sure all the gears are turning in the same direction. She also provides various voices in our story content. Favorite genres include fantasy, fantasy, and even more fantasy!