Screen Cheat @ PAX South 2016

Sometimes you have to cheat to win, Screen Cheat that is. In Screen Cheat by Samurai Punk everyone is invisible and looking at your friends screen isn’t only OK it’s necessary. Check out Sam Skatch chatting with them at PAX South 2016.

Average Podcast Ep6


The Average Podcast

They may be Average, but this podcast is equally so. Average thoughts for the Average person. Geek, gaming, and more from an Average point of view!


Listen in this week for episode six of The Average Podcast. The gang rambles on about average things and share a few average anecdotes. Special Guest: Sam Skatch

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The Future…

This is copied verbatim from our Kickstarter project. The original post was for backers only.


We start off by once again thanking each and everyone of you! Thanks to all of our backers and supporters we have been operational and streaming licensed music for our sixth month now and that is three months longer than the goal outlined in the Kickstarter Project.

We also have secured our first media passes to PAX South and will be covering the event in a more official capacity this year! We could not have done all of this without the support of our loyal followers. We are honored and privileged to share this journey with you.

All good things…

As we had earlier stated policies went into effect on Dec 16, 2015 that changed the pricing structure for small webcasters. There were previously provisions set in place that allowed the small webcaster to manage licensing fees in a way that was based off of a profit/expenses model. These provisions were not renewed. This means that all broadcasters now pay the same flat rate (.0017 cents per song per listener) regardless of size or profit.

To give you an idea of how this breaks down I am sharing a quote from Marvin Glass in an article from Radioworld.com

“While .0017 per performance is a big win for larger webcasters and FCC-licensed broadcasters, it is totally devastating to microcasters. For example a very small webcaster, playing 12 songs per hour, with only 20 listeners tuned in each hour, would owe over $3,500 to SoundExchange alone. This same webcaster must still take care of its obligations to ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. Obtaining advertising for smaller stations is difficult and when obtained, it very rarely covers even 10% of the numbers we are talking about here.”

– See more at:


That $3,500 is a yearly price that breaks down as $291 per month. This of course goes up exponentially as listener numbers climb, meaning that as the station gets more successful the more expensive it becomes to run, with profits not nearly matching at the same rate.

What this means for us is that Jan 31st will be our last and final day of broadcasting the live audio stream. For us it does not make good financial sense to build our audience and work to a point where we could no longer sustain the station, or worse yet…limit listeners.


We have chosen to focus on our mission of bringing gamers and developers together through the power of audio by returning to our roots and focusing on producing the best Podcast shows that we can.

We are also proud to announce our Partnership with the Independent Gaming Community. IGC.news is a new start-up, gaming, geek news and entertainment site that believes strongly in uniting the gaming community behind one banner, and bringing us all closer together.

With this new partnership we remain committed to bringing you awesome audio content full of relevant stories and interviews with game developers. We will take what we have learned in the last year, and march forward striving to be better every day!

What a Long Strange Trip…

It has been a great six months! Again we thank all of you for your continued support. We know that we would not be were we are today with out fantastic people like yourselves listening and encouraging us.

With that in mind it is not the end. WASDRadio.com is not going ANYWHERE. It’s simply time to ramble on to bigger and better things, and we encourage you to follow along in the coming days as IGC.news fully unveils itself.

We have big plans in the coming months and that of course starts with PAX South in just under two weeks. We will be producing lots of coverage of the event so make sure you keep it locked to www.wasdradio.com for great content from the show floor!

Thank you and see you on the net…

-The WASDRadio Team